Will I Make the Cut?


I want to believe that my journey to greatness began on the summer of my 6th year of existence. When my dad let me hold a basketball, I instantly fell inlove with the game! LOL! The more I played, the more I enjoyed how graceful and natural the hand-and-foot movements felt.

But this moment in my life is crucial. Many successful professional basketball players had remarkable years as high school varsity team members. Some of them even went straight to the NBA after graduation! (Hi, Mom! Just stating facts here. I'm keeping that college diploma a promise. :))

This brings me to serious planning. How do I get to that first step? http://workouthq.org

has a nice article about what exactly needs to be done to make a varsity basketball team. It mentions a three-step process of assessment, improvement, and repetition.

According to the article, I need to assess myself and the current team requirement. I also need to train hard and improve, especially on one skill that all coaches love: defense. Lastly, I need to re-assess every three months and see how I fare against competition.

Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Of course, I'm not backing down. Not now, not ever!